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Why use BFS?

Rates & Terms

Headline interest rates are only one part of a bridging transaction and it pays to study the small print. Bridging Finance Solutions provide full loan illustrations at the outset of a transaction detailing all costs thus enabling clients to make an informed choice, and intermediaries to ensure that meaningful comparisons of products can be made.

  • No Up Front Fees
  • No Expiry Fees
  • No Redemption Fees
  • No Exit Fees

BFS calculate interest daily rather than monthly and therefore if you borrow for 1 month & 1 day you will be charged 1 month and 1 day rather than 2 months interest.  We charge a simple, competitive interest rate for the period that you borrow the funds.

We lend against the Open Market Value of the property rather than a 90 day or forced sale figure.

"Flat Fees, no hidden costs"


All clients and intermediaries are assigned a case manager who manages a case through to completion. Case managers are decision makers. You will not speak to a call centre or a packager.

We pride ourselves on fast, consistent decision making and are committed to retaining paperwork to a necessary minimum. We can usually provide you with an in principle decision over the telephone. If we are unable to assist we won’t waste your time.

We are straight talking, with clarity and simplicity central to our procedures, so you will not find unexpected small print or hidden costs, but will find straightforward, simple processes and uncomplicated paperwork.We provide a personal service specific to your particular circumstances. Each loan is assessed on it individual merits.

We provide loan illustrations on the same day as enquiry and with a willing client and willing client’s solicitor we can draw down funds within a week from initial enquiry.

We are client rather than transaction driven and assist professional advisors and clients on an ongoing basis with multiple transactions. We operate within a strict policy of treating customers fairly.

"Fast, hassle- free funding provided with a personal service"

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