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A personal approach to fast bridging loans and development finance.

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Fast Property Purchase
and Release of Capital

Bridging finance is a useful way to complete property transactions quickly and with certainty. BFS are typically able to draw down funds in 10 days, but faster in certain circumstances.

fast release of capital

Property Refurbishment
and Conversion Finance

Whether you're adding a kitchen to an auction purchase or converting offices into apartments, our property funding solutions will help you to improve, upgrade or change an existing property and quickly release your investment.

fast funding for property refurbishment

Property Development Finance

Development finance is a mortgage product that helps pay for building and development costs. Whether you are constructing several homes for profit or self-building a house for your family, BFS can make it happen.

property development finance

Funding for Professional's Clients

BFS can work with you and your client to manage short-term solvency issues by clearing a path from A to B with bridging finance. As a principal lender, we can get the funds your client needs in hours and days.

Bridging Finance Solutions funding for professional's clients

Auction Finance

BFS provides pre-agreed Decisions in Principle before, during or after auction. With typically four weeks to complete post auction date, BFS regularly fund transactions whilst long-term funding is arranged or properties refurbished.

bridging finance solutions provide auction funding


Got a question about our fast bridging loans, auction finance or development finance options? Find your answers here or call us on 0151 639 7554.

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