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We have years of expertise in providing funding for projects from £25k to £2m throughout the UK.

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Property refurbishment finance and property conversion finance is available for projects to upgrade or change the current use of a property, improving its condition as well as increasing its value thus increasing returns.

This finance is principally used to improve residential properties but loans secured against the conversion of a commercial property to residential property are also available. Unlike the funding arranged for ‘ground-up’ developments, loans for property refurbishments tend to be smaller in size as typically the work to be undertaken is less and loans taken over shorter periods up to 12 months.

BFS are happy to fund light refurbishments, where no planning permission is required and the general use and nature of the property are unaltered. Works of this nature will include new bathrooms, kitchens, decorating, electrical work and new windows. We are also happy to fund heavy refurbishments, where the works change the nature or use of the property and will require planning permission and will need to strictly adhere to building regulations.

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Bespoke bridging finance solutions

It is important that the finance you secure to fund the improvements to your property is tailored to the exact needs and requirements of you and the project in question and with additional security we are also able to extend up to 100% of funds towards the cost of the refurbishment or conversion works.

Traditional lenders will often put 100% retention on a mortgage if the property has no kitchen, no bathroom or requires refurbishment. Similarly, long-term funders will often not accept applications from properties that are not immediately ‘income producing’. We specialise in lending against properties requiring refurbishment or conversion prior to refinancing on to long-term funding or sale of the property. 

We have many clients who will transact multiple transactions of this nature each year as portfolios are developed or profits generated from sales of the refurbished or converted property, and the speed with which we are able to arrange facilities often ensures that properties can be purchased at genuine discounts.

How does it work?

The full amount of the loan can be released at the start of the project or alternatively via staged payments as you reach specifically agreed points during the refurbishment. 

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If you're purchasing a property which is missing a kitchen, a bathroom, or electricity, you won't qualify for a buy-to-let mortgage from a high street bank. But BFS can make it happen!

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For investors or landlords who want to refurbish and quickly release their property investment, our bridging loans are ideal for you. If you need development finance for a property refurbishment or property conversion project, contact the friendly BFS team by phone or email.

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